Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SG 4D3N trip

Reach changi airport. Took the most comfortable, yet the cheapest taxi ever. Cos it's a Hyundai and only cost about SD4 per person for quite some distance! 1st good impression~

Checked in at Beary Good Hostel. If you wanna fully experience SG backpack style and keep budget low, go for this hostel as it's located at the centre of attractions where u can access to food easily and the LRT is just 5 minutes walk away!

Food testing time at Maxwell food court. Well, I'll blog about foods in SG in my next post. So, stay tuned! 

Marina Bay Sand is one of the place I anticipated to visit in SG. It is a luxurious place for shopping, dining, and even gambling. And for people like us who do not live a luxury live (maybe not yet), we went to the gardens by the bay instead to enjoy the greenery masterpiece of the city! 
Throw a coin and make a wish. But be careful what you wish for, cos the people in the opposite side can hear your whisper!
We couldn't get into the ship, so this is what we do! 
Advice from guys: never bring the girl friend to this place! 
They call this Supertree! 
Before the night falls, we took the river taxi along the Singapore River to get to Clarke Quay. It is a venue that comes alive at night, lit up with colourful lightings accompanied by plenty of bars and restraurants. It is so happening I couldn't believe it is actually a comercial centre for storing goods during the colonial era.
Today is about food hunting and shopping! SG is like a heaven for girls cos everywhere you go, there are mostly shopping malls nearby. Just Orchard Road alone already has up to 22 malls! But for guys, it's bored like hell! the below picture will prove me right! LOL! And and.. I was told that there's even a shopping mall that opens for 24 hours! Crazy isn't?!!

Get our ass off the bed early morning n heading to Universal Studio wheeeeee! We managed to take all 3 major rides: Transfomers, revenge of the mummy and our favourite battlestar galactica! The most fear about this ride is when the coaster throws you down in the air with extremely high speed.At that very moment, it feels like every parts of my body's tearing apart, what left is only my soul! 
Raining Snow!  
Last lunch in the year of 2012~ 
Ready to be transformed!
 "Hey! Prince Charming is looking at me!"
Worth a try even the weather is bad!  
Water world~ live show with breath taking scenes! 
Universal Studio is much more awesome than expected! 
The only thing that didn't go according to schedule is we missed the countdown at Marina Bay Sand that night as everyone is too exhausted after the long day full of adventures. I watched the fireworks on Youtube the next day which makes me regret for not going TT

1st day of new year means it's time to leave SG! Bought some souvenirs at China Town and reluctantly, we back to our own island. But one thing for sure, I'll definitely come back to explore more about this beautiful and modern country in the near future. 
China Town right outside our hostel
 check out with beary happy heart~
 Moment of leaving~

Last but not least, I LOVE SINGAPORE!


Michael Low said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish I could have joined you guys!

hsiuyew said...

Thanks ta ker!! Heheh. U must join us in coming trips, I don care!!! ;)

hsiuyew said...

Thanks ta ker!! Heheh. U must join us in coming trips, I don care!!! ;)